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Orient Logic has been founded in 1995 by it's four founders - Mr. Alan Sanakoev, Mr. Sergey Sanakoev, Mr. Vitali Djaginov and Mr. Vazha Naskidashvili. Nowadays, Orient Logic is driven by the administrative management - under the leadership of company's CEO Mr. Aleksandre Bagratia.

Aleksandre Bagratia  CEO - he has many years of experience working in the IT sector, for the last 7 years he has been the financial and administrative manager at "Orient Logic." 

Irakli Goglichidze CFO - he has joined the Orient Logic team in 2018 and held the position of financial manager during the mentioned period. Now he subordinates will be: Financial accounting and reporting Team and ERP development team.
Giorgi Chitaia CBDO - he has joined the company in 2020, during which time he led a team in the financial sector. Giorgi, in addition to being the Chief business development officer, will also manage the financial sector team. 

Otar Tabatadze COO - he has became the Chief Operating Officer of Orient Logic in 2018 and under his leadership a number of large-scale operational projects were implemented in the company. 

Administrative Management is responsible for managing Orient Logic day to day operations in accordance with the framework set by the Board of Directors. The CEO represents the company's externally on various matters, leads the work of the Group Executive Committee and makes strategic decisions for company's future development.

Mission & Philosophy

Our Main Aim

is to support & develop our customers’ businesses, boosting their profitability, competitiveness, and market share; Implement innovative “state-of-the-art” IT solutions for the successful penetration of domestic and new international markets by our customers; Support the development of the Georgian economy through on-time & on-budget IT project management.

Values: We believe that human skill, knowledge, imagination, mutual respect and integrity are the most valued abilities.

Human Society: These abilities allow people to improve their quality of life and also to generally evolve and to significantly amend human society.

Knowledge and Imagination: Information Technologies allow people to efficiently collect, manage and to share their knowledge and skills, and to greatly expand their imaginations.

Diverse Cultures: Information Technologies also support teams of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures to work together productively with mutual respect and integrity.

What We do

Orient Logic

has been founded almost 25 years ago in 1995 and nowadays we have more than 150 employees with 2 local offices in Tbilisi. Our main Business operations covers – Banking, Government, Education, Health-Care and Hospitality segments.
We are creating experiences in the specific fields such as: IT infrastructure – (Classical Server & Storage solutions and Hyper converged data-centers); Network & Telecommunication Infrastructure – (Core Networking Solutions, NG Firewalls, SD WAN, DWDM, CWDM, Wi-Fi, VOIP Solutions & Gpon Solutions); IT Security & Monitoring solutions (DLP Solutions, SIEM, ATP, NG IPS, WAF, Data Masking Solutions); Personal Computing (Notebooks, Printers, Projectors, Thin Clients, Workstations); DevOps & Cloud Native - Software development based on cloud technologies for business and modernization/automation of technological processes.Custom Software Development - for specific business segments.


Orient Logic

is one of leading IT companies and system integrator in Georgia.

Orient Logic has been awarded as The Best IT System Integrator in Georgia by GITI (2015) (2019)

Orient Logic has been awarded as The Best Software Solution Author in Georgia (2017)

Orient Logic awarded as The best IT System Integrator in Western CIS countries by Dell Technologies (2019)

We have one of the highest partner statuses over our global partners - 

Dell Technologies – Platinum Partner / Authorized Service Center

Hewlett Packard Enterprise – Platinum Partner / Authorized Service Center

HP – Gold Partner / Authorized Service Center

Cisco - Premier Certified Partner Ruckus - Authorized Partner

Ruckus - Preferred Partner

Milestone - Gold Partner

APC by Schneider-Electric - Elite Datacenter Partner / Authorized Service Center

Riello – Authorized Distributor / Authorized Service Center

VMware – Solution Provider on Enterprise Level Partner

Epson - Authorized Partner / Authorized Service Center

Barracuda - Preferred Partner

IBM - Silver Partner

Trend Micro – Bronze Partner

Career Development

One way Orient Logic

can maintain a leading position in the industry and respond quickly to market opportunities is to connect the best talent to the right opportunities. The best employees need room to grow professionally, and they continually look for opportunities to hone the skills they have and develop new ones.
Career development programs are a strategic priority at Orient Logic because they enable us to retain top talent and recruit the sorts of people who can help us stay competitive in the IT marketplace and move forward with our plans to transform whole IT ecosystem in Georgia and to improve our positions on global market. Are you ready to start - please contact: hr@ol.ge